As my banner suggests, my name is Craig Williams. I've actually been studying programming for about 9 years now, and I still love it. I believe in the KISS principle and that any reasonable standard specifications should be abided to as much as possible. As such, I have a tendency to test my code on as many compilers as possible (7 are installed on my computer). In fact, all the pages on my website were validated, including my Parser's documentation.

Programming Languages


A platforming game where the player must escape a cave he's in whilst escaping a giant deadly spider.

A fast paced capture the flag game, with an emphasis on building and keeping momentum.

A retro 3D first-person shooter with vector graphics and fast-paced battles set to an industrial soundtrack.

Side scrolling shooter where player assumes role of a student piloted school bus on a quest to rescue abducted classmates.


Bachelor of Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation
September, 2006 - May, 2010
Digipen Institute of Technology
Redmond, WA


CompTIA A+ Certification, October, 2005