High Concept:
A fast paced capture the flag game, with an emphasis on building and keeping momentum.

Tech Director:  
Craig Williams
Raymond Davidson
Ernesto Hernandez
Patrick Hayes

As the Technical Directory for the project, I was mainly responsible for the architecture and graphics engine development. A large portion of my time was spent on building a high performance engine with very low system requirements.

Engine Architecture:
  • Component Based
  • Object Factory
  • Integrated Memory Debugger

Graphics Engine Features:
  • Scripted Rendering Pipeline
    • Custom scripting language with built in syntax and error checking
    • Enabled support for a wide variety of hardware configurations, including video cards without GLSL support.
    • Allowed for graphical effects to be tested and debugged without recompilation
    • Supports multiple rendering passes, pixel buffers, and GLSL shaders

  • OpenGL
    • OpenGL 1.1 and 2.0 support
    • GLSL Shaders support

  • Model Cache
    • Guarantees a model is loaded only once
    • Drastically decreased memory usage
    • Reduced loading times

  • OpenType Font Converter
    • Custom file parser
    • Generates a outline font and then tessellates the outline into a engine friendly format

  • .x Model File Converter
    • Custom file parser with full template support
    • Converts .x files to a engine friendly format with animation support

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