New from! The latest in configuration file technology with built in auto-convert. That's right! Automatic type conversion into one of the many standard single element data types! No more messy calls to atoi() or similar. Want to write numbers in binary, hex, or oct? Then what are you waiting for! Get your public domain copy of ConfigFile NOW!

Ok, enough with the sales pitch.

I've said and believe that my Parser and Container libraries are awesome. I will stand behind these words. So, to prove they can be useful, I've combined them together to make a super simple configuration file interface.

Example Config File

So, whats so great about it?
  • Automatic type conversion due to VariantType
  • Super simple interface for modifying variables
  • Variables can be references to C/C++ data types so the saved value is automatically updated
  • Default values can be provided for simple configuration file generation
  • Human readable and easy to modify files (example)
  • Case insensitivity for maximum human compatibility
  • Searchable variables with Linear, Globbing, and RegEx search algorithms
  • Groupable variables to allow for logical n-node tree like structures
  • Multiple variables of the same name can exist
  • Automatic variable sorting and alignment on a save